Zainab A

11 Jun 2016

I made an appointment to see the doctor to have a skin check and cyst removed. My appointment was for Friday, however, on the Tuesday my back where the cyst was, was inflamed and very painful. I went to see my GP who told me to wait until Friday’s appointment as i should see the specialist. I was in agony and not feeling well at all.
On Friday i went to the practice and was seen by the doctor. He was outstanding and dealt with, not only did i have a cyst but pain from an infected abscess! I was in agony and had no idea why.
The doctor was extremely professional; explained everything to me and made me feel so much better. Unfortunately, my infected abscess required minor surgery, however, i knew i was in great hands.
Over the past three weeks i have been back and forth to have my check ups and dressings done and at all times have found all of the staff to be professional, courteous and extremely knowledgeable. Thank you for treating me so well and dealing with me in such a friendly and professional manner.
When you are not feeling great, it really helps!